Having a book written is an incredibly efficient and proven way of changing your lifestyle and your career. At Book Publish Pro, we translate your passions onto paper. We assist clients in writing and publication of their book from conception to completion.
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With a track record of delivering excellence, Book Publish Pro is the perfect partner for aspiring authors to kickstart their literary journey.

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Backed by a strong partnership and resources to publish books of all kinds, we offer a specialized approach through our professional self-publishing packages and services. Click below to claim your complimentary publishing guide.

Book to eBook Publishing Edit and Publish in 10 Days!

Whether you need a book edited, published or converted to an eBook, we will do it for you!

Amazon Kindle-Book Publish (KDP) Grow Popular & Earn with Amazon!

Sell thousands of copies as Kindle-book, hardback or paperback, Amazon will manage the entire process and fulfill orders as they come.!

Cross-Format Publishing Sell Beyond Expectations!

Publish an eBook, hardcopy or an audiobook, Amazon will help you reach millions of readers!

Our Services What We Can Do for You

With a penchant for uncompromising quality and complete customer satisfaction, we pour the essence of your story into our words, shaping the end product into an original and unique work of literature. Using our experience and knowledge as guiding tools, we craft bespoke strategies that suit our clients’ interests.

e-book Conversion

Having trouble converting your book to Kindle? No issue. Your manuscript will be converted into an eBook suitable for any Kindle eReader from Amazon. Now accessible for both fixed and dynamic layouts.

Global Distribution

If you decide to work with Book Publish Pro Ghostwriting to publish your eBook, we'll make sure it's made available on all the major eReader stores. Including: Kobo, Barnes & Noble's Nook store, Apple Books, Amazon.com, and many others.


We keep 0% of your royalties when you publish your eBooks through our platform. Our network of online retailers pays you 100% of net sales.

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What We Bring to the Table

We didn’t become the No.1 book writers in the US by smashing buttons; we used strategic planning and offered clients what no one else did.



Insufficient transparency is the root of all problems, so we keep our distance from it.


24/7 Support

Our account managers help streamline the process, keeping you updated every step of the way.


Fastest Turnarounds

With lightning-fast turnaround times, we stay two steps ahead of our competition.


Guaranteed Privacy

We treasure the trust our clients place in us, and we would never dream of hurting it.


Army of Ghostwriters

As per your book’s requirements, a ghostwriter is allotted to you from the get-go.


0% Plagiarism Policy

Our 0% plagiarism policy ensures all clients get authentic, custom, and unique content.


“One-in-six books sold are eBooks!” Book-
Industry Analyst, NPD Reach half of world’s readers!

What We Bring to the Table

We didn’t become the No.1 book writers in the US by smashing buttons; we used strategic planning and offered clients what no one else did.

bringtbl-1 Draft Submission
Draft Submission

As soon as you sign up with us, we start brainstorming on ways to approach your manuscript in the leanest, most efficient way.

bringtbl-2 Primary Editing
Primary Editing

This phase deals with the nitty and gritty of editing, which includes editorial assessment, structural editing, and a lot more.

bringtbl-3 Formatting

An improper format can cause some big problems down the lane, so we ensure that your manuscript meets all global formatting standards.

bringtbl-4 Secondary Editing
Secondary Editing

We want to ensure that only the most refined and tuned iteration of your manuscript reaches you, as we take your opinions on the matter.

bringtbl-5 Finalization

The finalized product is transferred to you for the final approval, after which your manuscript is publishing-ready.

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Amazon’s Store Contains Over 32.8 Million Published

Book Publish Pro Ghostwriting will Help You Stand Out Among Them


Hire Our Publishers And Bring Your Story To Life!

Books that continue to live forever in the hearts of readers are ghostwritten by us! We are known for our excellent ghostwriting in various genres and our creative writing style. Our innovative and engaging content provides complete satisfaction to all our customers.

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Book Publish Pro - Process
01 Connect with Our Team

Our team works around the clock to gather your requirements to make sure your goals are known.

02 Evaluation & Analysis

With the help of collected information, we assess your project and recommend growth possibilities and services.

03 Publishing Scope

With your approval, we start the proofreading and typesetting process to fulfill the publisher’s needs.

04 Publishing Approval

The Publishing team performs a QA to ensure an error-free book and to incorporate your feedback.

05 Publication Process

Our publishing agents reach out to Amazon and guide you with self-publishing. Publish within three days!

06 Post-Publishing Marketing

We will administer your book’s sales and comments. We can also recommend strategies that will help you sell well.

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