Having a book written is an incredibly efficient and proven way of changing your lifestyle and your career. At Book Publish Pro, we translate your passions onto paper. We assist clients in writing and publication of their book from conception to completion.
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For us, writing is meaningless unless it carries the emotions and essence of the author, so we strive to create page-turners that pulse with your ideas and our creativity combined.


What Makes Us the Literature Wizards

Whether your story is about a lifetime of struggles, an old flame that ignites hell, a far-flung galaxy, or a noirish trail of red, our most gifted writers will work their magic to transform your ideas into what your audiences want.

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Our in-house ghostwriters are always in for a new challenge.


Our Battle-Tested Process Acts as a One-Way Ticket to Creating Best-Sellers

Our budget-friendly packages and end-to-end services make us the best partner any author could ask for!


As soon as you sign up with us, we research your genre through various e-learning sites to deliver curated solutions.

Editing and Proofreading

We conduct rigorous fact-checking to ensure your final manuscript reaches the epitome of perfection in minimum time.

Designing, Typesetting, and Publishing

Getting your manuscript accepted by publishing agents and houses is our responsibility, and we provide effective strategies to do so.


As the book reaches the publication stage, the only thing left is marketing. Whether you need book promotion, author publicity, or marketing, we can help!


How Does Our Service Bucket Work?

You can rely on Book Publish Pro to provide the marketing you need for your online shop, thanks to the full-service package they provide.



Initial Debriefing

As soon as you sign up with us, we send you a questionnaire to better gauge your vision and align our approach accordingly. Don't worry, this is all just procedure to find you the writer that's best suited to your genre and direction.



Chapter One Approval

Book Publish Pro is nothing if not pitch perfect. We don't wait till the end of the book to get your feedback; as the first chapter wraps up, it's presented to you, and your response is recorded. If you don't like the tone or even the use of a certain word, we remove it.



First Batch of Revisions

With client satisfaction acting as the driving force, we get to righting all the wrongs as soon as you provide feedback. After all, it's your book, and we want it to be just as you pictured it. We don't stop there; we send you the revised work as well for your approval.



Editing and Proofreading

At Book Publish Pro, we thrive by pursuing excellence in all our pieces. Therefore, to nullify all chances of errors, we assign your manuscript a dedicated editor that conducts a thorough QA process so you receive the perfected version of the manuscript.



Book Cover Design

Crafting a book cover that's relevant and on-point with your book's theme is one of the most important marketing strategies, so we wrack our caffeinated brains and reach out to you for advice on how to make an impression on potential buyers with your cover.



Final Review and Delivery

Once we're certain that we've left no stone unturned, we deliver the final manuscript to you for your approval, and as soon as you greenlight it, it's delivered to you along with the cover design. Thus, marking the end of our journey together. Or is it?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? We're here to answer them! We've collected a few of the questions our clients frequently ask us, and if you have more, feel free to give us a Call Now or set up a Live Chat.


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