Having a book written is an incredibly efficient and proven way of changing your lifestyle and your career. At Book Publish Pro, we translate your passions onto paper. We assist clients in writing and publication of their book from conception to completion.
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The Pursuit of Perfection

The path to being a best seller is long and arduous; however, when you have guides like us, it feels like a walk in the park.



Leading Book Publishing

Our team’s cumulative experience of marketing and publishing means that we make our authors lead with self-published books at the top eBook platforms such as Amazon, Google, Barnes and Noble, and, Rakuten Kobo to name a few among over fifteen platforms. We support all types of books, no matter the material or genre type, and guide authors to reach their audience worldwide.



This is a modern way of publishing that avoids any middle-men, who previously took a part of royalties or publishing rights, and guarantees that the author receives the most from their books’ sales. All proceeds from publishing go directly to authors as per the policies of the leading eBook platforms. We guide you along each step of the way.

From Designing and Editing to Marketing

From line-by-line to structural editing, we have got all your proofreading and typesetting needs covered. While we work on finishing your book, our designers ensure that your book’s design and illustrations make it stand apart from the competition. Promote your book through our pre- and post-publishing services to top-sell and reach millions.


Reach Millions & Sell Well!

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“We believe that books act as the sources of preservation in many cultures. Whether fact or fiction, books grant us a glimpse into another reality, and at Amazon Publishing Direct, we want to preserve this ideology. We want to ensure that no trashy book ever hits the shelves, that no reader thinks of putting down a book because it’s not good enough.”


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What is Book Publish Pro Publishing?

Known for publishing creative and compelling books on behalf of our clients, Amazon Publish House Publishing is a reputable name in the industry. We have helped authors publish for years and have had a near-perfect satisfaction rate!

You Get

Everything that we promise and you sign up for. We deliver everything in the best way possible. Your success drives us and that is what you get through us.

You Pay

We provide packages that customized to your needs and we only charge you accordingly. Payment plans as per your comfort and choice are what we require you to pay and nothing else.

We Are Different

Our vast experience has helped books become best-sellers and this is what distinguishes us from our competition. With a stellar record of publishing quality books and services, we have helped generate tens of millions in revenue through our books. We offer a money-back guarantee despite a near-perfect record of satisfied clients.

How We Charge

Due to the tailored and unique requirements of our clients, we do not believe in charging a standard package for all. Based on your target audience, expected reach and genre niche, we suggest services to you that provide the most impact of your work. Feel free to leave us a message or call us to receive a free quote. You can also leave out your details and we will get back to you. Visit our pricing page to extensively learn the range of services we offer.


Our team is paid for their services in advance. When our team finishes publishing a book or fulfilling your requirement, no one in our team or organization holds publishing rights to your work. This ensures that you have complete ownership of your book and all royalties from the sales go directly to you other than any service charges that a publisher might charge and negotiate with you. We do not receive anything in return other than what we charge against your service. We are completely transparent. We are committed towards your privacy and success. This is what we are about and what forms our core mission.

We are

Some of the most-experienced teams of publishers and marketers, who have helped finish books and publish over 2,500 bestsellers. Our team is dedicated to providing success to our clients. What unites us is a passion to find innovative and tailored ways to let our clients grow. We reach audiences and improve sales whenever possible. From editing, illustrating to publishing and marketing, we provide end-to-end publishing services. We have an experience that’s unbeatable.



“One-in-six books sold are eBooks!” Book-
Industry Analyst, NPD Reach half of world’s readers!

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Receive a 70% Discount. When you publish exclusively on Book Publish Pro