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In addition to helping well-known brands succeed, our SEO professionals have worked with a number of lesser-known brands as well. Read their success stories to see how we helped some of our clients achieve their long-term goals.


How did we improve ranking for native green tremendously with sponsored advertisement and listing optimization?

After being 50 percent in debt already, this cannabis therapeutic goods company consulted Book Publish Pro. We created a Pay Per Click campaign and Listing Optimization campaign for Native Green using a strategic plan and our relentless efforts eventually resulted in a 50% increase in their sales.


How did ideals go from being invisible to be on the first page with our strategic product optimization?

Even though Ideals had a market-competitive and hyped product, it was unable to achieve top rankings. As a challenge, our experts set out to achieve Ideals’ goal. Through extensive and in-depth keywords research, we identified the customer preferences and thus were able to get their Covid social distance floor decals featured. This brought Ideals a fortune of sales increase in a short period.

How did our product listing & A+ content prove to be a game changer?

After being 50 percent in debt already, this cannabis therapeutic goods company consulted Book Publish Pro. We created a Pay Per Click campaign and Listing Optimization campaign for Native Green using a strategic plan and our relentless efforts eventually resulted in a 50% increase in their sales.


Book Publishing Case Studies & Testimonials

Take Control with Custom Publishing

Publishing a book is a lot like launching a new product. Success hinges on understanding the consumer (the book’s readers), creating a product (the book) that meets their wants or needs, and marketing to them effectively. Here’s how a few of our custom publishing clients created and launched their books.


“I thought about self‑publishing, and then I thought about working with some of the more traditional publishing, and I started down that path in fact. Then I realized they wouldn’t embrace the vision that I had. So custom publishing allowed me to use Book Publish Pro professionalism and their expertise in the process.” —David Walliams

David Walliams

The epic and funny new children’s book from multi-million bestselling author David Walliams Hardcover

An executive at Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated, David Walliams came from humble beginnings in Detroit. He spends his free time mentoring young men to rise above their circumstances and create their own paths. He wanted to publish a memoir to aid his mentoring efforts and share his journey but was struggling to complete the manuscript. After a strategy session and reading some of his draft manuscript, Fabi Preslar assigned Reginald a writing coach. She also helped him refine what he wanted from the finished product and how he would take it to market. When the manuscript was complete, Book Publish Pro Publications designed the book, its website, a speaker sheet, and a community card (a bookmark and business card all in one), and set the book up for print on demand. Unfinished has been a great success for Reginald and for the young men who have read it. He is now working on his second book with Book Publish Pro Publications.

Elle Mcnicoll

McNicoll's debut novel, A Kind of Spark follows the efforts of an autistic eleven-year-old girl, Addie, to establish a memorial to the witch trials in her Scottish hometown. McNicoll is autistic herself. The book was children's book of the week in The Times and The Sunday Times, and won both the Overall and Younger Fiction prizes at the Waterstones Children's Book Prize. It also won the Blue Peter Book Award for Best Story, voted for by children. McNicoll was also nominated for the Branford Boise Award and was nominated for the Carnegie Medal. McNicoll's debut was also named Overall Book of the Year by Blackwell's, beating titles in the Adult Market.

Her second novel, Show Us Who You Are, was published in March, and was Children's Book of the Week in The Times. It was also the Children's Book of the Month, as chosen by Blackwell's. It was nominated for Best Children's Fiction in the Books Are My Bag Awards, and McNicoll was also nominated for Best Breakthrough Author.


“I’ve always found that it’s better to hire experts and let them do what they do best. I didn’t know much about custom publishing, and I knew I’d be better off having someone help me through that process. And in hindsight, hiring Book Publish Pro was definitely the right decision.” —Elle Mcnicoll


“I chose custom publishing because complex books with lots of images need a magazine design company. The improvements in publishing technology since my last book were a pleasant surprise, and I look forward to publishing yet another book with Book Publish Pro down the road.” —Sharna Jackson

Sharna Jackson

Sharna Jackson is a British writer of children's fiction. She is the author of a mystery series, aimed at middle-grade readers, featuring Nik and Norva, a pair of black sisters, who solve crimes on an estate, the Tri Estate, in South London. Jackson is also an influential curator in the arts, including working with Tate, Victoria and Albert Museum and Design museum in London, and working as artistic director for Site Gallery in Sheffield from July 2018 to November 2020, engaging children in developing digital initiatives in the arts. Jackson grew up in Lupton. Before writing children's books she worked as a curator engaging children in the arts.

The first book in Jackson's series, High-Rise Mystery, has Nik and Norva solve a murder in their tower block during the hottest summer on record. High-Rise Mystery was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize in 2020. In the second novel in the series, Mic Drop, Nik and Norva investigate the death of an up-and-coming pop star Trojan, who has fallen from the tower roof.

Maya Payne Smart

Maya Payne Smart is a writer, parent educator, and literacy advocate who has served on the boards of numerous library and literacy organizations. She and her family live in Milwaukee, where she serves as affiliated faculty in educational policy and leadership in the College of Education at Marquette University. When her child went off to school, Maya Smart was shocked to discover that a good education in America is a long shot, in ways that few parents fully appreciate. Our current approach to literacy offers too little, too late, and attempting to play catch-up when our kids get to kindergarten can no longer be our default strategy. We have to start at the top. The brain architecture for reading develops rapidly during infancy, and early language experiences are critical to building it. That means parents’ work as children’s first teachers begins from day one too—and we need deeper knowledge to play our positions. Reading for Our Lives challenges the bath-book-bed mantra and the idea that reading aloud to our kids is enough to ensure school readiness. Instead, it gives parents easy, immediate, and accessible ways to nurture language and literacy development from the start.


I chose custom publishing because I wanted to maintain full control over the direction of my story. I had a vision for what I wanted to say, and I didn’t want to compromise that. Custom publishing allows me to maintain all the rights to my story and to work directly with the extremely talented people at Book Publish Pro during the layout and production of my book.” —Maya Payne Smart


“If you are too hard with your life,” the monk had said, “you won’t see that your life is falling apart.” Then the monk had placed a rock into Justin’s palm. “Twist it, turn it around. Look at that rock,” the monk had said. “That is pain in your life. Now squeeze it.” The more tightly Justin had squeezed, the more it had hurt. “The same with your life as with your pain,” the monk had said. “Treat both gently.” —Harley Rustad

David Walliams

Harley Rustad is a Canadian journalist, magazine editor, and author of Lost in the Valley of Death: A Story of Obsession and Danger in the Himalayas and Big Lonely Doug: The Story of One of Canada’s Last Great Trees. Rustad was born on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada, where he spent the first few months of his life in a tent while his parents built their home. He lives in Toronto, Ontario. Rustad has been an editor and writer at The Walrus, a Canadian general interest magazine, since 2014. His writing has appeared in publications including Outside, The Walrus, The Globe and Mail, Geographical, The Guardian, and CNN. He is a faculty editor at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity’s Mountain and Wilderness Writing Residency. His first book, Big Lonely Doug: The Story of One of Canada’s Last Great Trees, a nonfiction book published in 2018 is about the second-largest Douglas fir in Canada that was a saved by a logger who wrapped green LEAVE TREE ribbon around its trunk, and the fight to protect old-growth forests in British Columbia. The tree, Big Lonely Doug, is growing in the middle of a clear cut near Port Renfrew, British Columbia.

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